About Us





Vintage Iron Riders was started in 2003 by a handful of guys interested in antique and vintage
motorcycles.   At the antique swap meet in Davenport that year, a few guys had an impromptu
get-together to discuss forming an antique motorcycle club in the Springfield, Illinois area.  Sure, we
had talked about doing this for some time, but this was the first time more than three people actually

sat down and discussed the subject.  The first organizational meeting was held September17, 2003,
at the Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center at 625 East St. Joseph in Springfield.  Eighteen

people showed up and decided that we really should form a club.

The second organizational meeting was held at Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center on

October 15, 2003.  A few more came this time and we agreed on a date for our first ride –
and on $10/year dues.

 Membership has grown over the years, and we still have a lot of the original members.

The purpose of the Club is to promote the motorcycling interests of its members (especially
as related to antique and vintage motorcycles) in an atmosphere of fellowship and civility.

“Promoting the motorcycling interests of its members” includes helping establish contacts
and communication with others whose experience, knowledge, and access to parts and
materials might assist those members in the acquisition, restoration, maintenance, and
use of antique and vintage motorcycles.

Above all, the purpose of this club is to have fun!



President - George Tinkham

Phone 217-753-2737 

Email coolbreeze@att.net   


Vice Pres – John Anderson

Phone 217-725-4509

Email fireball398@gmail.com 


Treasurer - Mandi Powell

Phone 217-416-5575  

Email mandiu828@aol.com 


Sec/ News/Web - Mark Morrison

Phone 309-662-5371                                           

Email mmorr26407@aol.com 


Events – John Langheim

Phone 217-652-8996

Email langheim729@comcast.net  



If you are interested in joining the Vintage Iron Riders, you must be sponsored by a present
member of the organization.  Go to the Forms tab, click on “Membership Application,”
complete and give the application to the secretary at any of our monthly meetings on held
the third Wednesday of the month.