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Due to Covid19 meeting days, time, and locations may vary.  Please contact us for current information.  Monthly meetings held every third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at Top Cats Chill and Grill located at:  3211 Sangamon Ave., Springfield, Il.  217-528-4201

Vapor blasting services.  Vapor blasting is a surface refinishing process that was originally used by Rolls Royce in England many years ago, to clean and resurface aluminum jet engine parts to eliminate corrosion and facilitate inspection. It is quite simply cleaning via high-pressure surface blasting, but instead of dry abrasive media, it uses a slurry of water, compressed air, detergents and abrasive media. The vapor created is much gentler to soft aluminum than other processes, yet it will remove a microscopic layer of oxidized metal and corrosion. This process also seals the pores of the aluminum making it look better longer, and be more resistant to future corrosion. Vapor blasting differs from dry blasting in other respects as well – it will not dimensionally change a part, the media used is much finer and gentler, and the resulting surface is much smoother and shinier.

Contact Mark Morrison at 309-510-4189 or mmorr26407@aol.com if interested.



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